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Immigration and Residency

Moreno and Associates has also helped thousands of clients obtain their permanent residency in the United States. We have helped our clients obtain residency through their mother, father, sisters, brothers, children, and employers. We have also helped our clients immigrate through adjustment of status applications, visa processing applications, and labor certification applications. In some cases, we have helped our clients obtain their residency without having to wait many years in waiting lists. We do this by analyzing each case individually and mapping out the best strategy to immigrate our clients with the least wait time.


Moreno and Associates has also helped thousands of clients obtain their citizenship in the United States. We have handled both citizenship applications and derivative applications for our clients. On occasion, we have helped clients go from illegal immigrant status to becoming United States citizens in one step. We have been able to do this because of individual family trees that allow us to directly obtain citizenship for certain clients without having them obtain their permanent residency first.

Visas of Every Kind

Moreno and Associates have helped clients obtain work visas, visitor visas, fiancée visas, entertainer visas, sport visas, religious worker visas, executive visas, and investor visas to name a few.


Moreno and Associates has also represented clients in deportation/removal proceedings. We have helped thousands of clients avoid costly immigration consequences during deportation/removal proceedings. We have helped clients terminate court proceedings and obtain voluntary departures from the United States to avoid immigration bars, allowing our clients to immigrate and stay with their families in the United States after the government has attempted to deport them.

Political Asylum

Moreno and Associates has also helped asylum seekers obtain their residency in the United States. We have represented hundreds of clients in various asylum and asylum-related applications such as NACARA, Withholding, and Convention Against Torture (CAT) proceedings to name a few.

What We Do

Family Immigration Lawyer

Immigration, Residency, Adjustment of Status, More

Deportation Attorney

Avoid the consequences of involuntary deportation.

Green Card Attorney

We have helped thousands obtain their Green Card. 

Political Asylum Lawyers

Asylum seekers: NACARA, Withholding, CAT, more. Work Visa Lawyers H-1B, H-2A, H-2B, More. Apply with confidence! 


I would like to state that I am completely satisfied with the services that Moreno & Associates has provided for me and my family. Service is excellent and they always answer my questions in anything.


Positive and flawless experience with Moreno & Associates law group. Very helpful with my concerns, handled my case very good and got the job done.


Great staff and service. Moreno & Associates helped me through the process of being approved for my visa. Cristina was a wonderful help, she really goes beyond her duties to help clients. Thanks to all.


Moreno & Associates is a very good and fast association, They treat you well and always get things done well and efficiently


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