Top Things to Consider Before Filing a Divorce

There are a few things you should consider before you file for a divorce. Filing a divorce is a big life changing decision and you should consider these points before acting.

As an example, it is recommended that you seek a therapist or counselor for your children during the process. Even consulting with a few financial planners and accountants to help you plan out your marriage free life. It’s important to consider your options before you start this process.

Legal Separation May Be a Better Option

Sometimes divorce may not be the best option for everyone at the moment. Some spouses may choose to live apart for some time and work on reconciling their differences. Time apart gives you some breathing room to get a clear understanding whether or not you are ready to fully separate finances, belongings and/or property. It may be beneficial to explore this option since sometimes time apart saves a marriage.

Even if you are sure there will not be any reconciliation, time apart may be beneficial for you if you rely on your spouse for benefits like health insurance. Religious purposes and personal preferences are also reasons why some couples go with legal separation.

Gather all Important Documents

You must still get prepared before officially starting the divorce process. Having a check list, knowing what you should and shouldn’t do will help you get organized. A divorce requires a lot of time, effort and money. It is not just an emotional decision but a legal dissolution of a marriage. Start by putting together all the relevant documents the moment you make the decision. Relevant documents may include income, taxes, property deeds, licenses, birth certificates, account statements, investments, retirement funds and any other important file required to start. Your divorce attorney will give you a breakdown of exactly what is needed for your case.

Be Prepared Financially

Being prepared financially is crucial during the divorce process. Think about how you will afford this expensive process. Consult an attorney and hire them to help you become financially stable after the divorce. It is important to explore the costs so you can have a better understanding on how much to prepare for and how you will be able to afford the legal fees. Divorces can fluctuate between prices, especially if your divorce will be contentious or if you have complex issues at stake.

Your daily expenses will change once the divorce begins. Think about how you will be able to handle that and what changes you need to make to your lifestyle to afford it. Also, consider what you will be left responsible for after your divorce. Will you be responsible for any credit card debts or a mortgage? Maybe a car you financed? If you move out, where will you go and how will you afford the rent, food, kids and daily expenses on your own income? If you are normally a stay-at-home spouse, you may not be able to continue without an income. Will you be receiving spousal support? Spousal support is available to request so that you are able to pay for living expenses and essentials during the divorce process. Look over your expenses, your income and savings to determine a budget.

How Can You Help and Make This Easier For Your Kids

Your divorce may have a huge impact on your kids. You should think about what you can do and who they can talk to about preparing for the process. Children can be very sensitive to divorces and can express their feelings in all different types of ways. Some ways can be showing anger or frustration. They can even feel confused, guilty and scared. These are all normal and common ways children express their emotions. Having a plan to deal with your children’s emotions in a healthy way will make their life easier and be prepared for the big life changes. Encouraging communication and involving them in plans can also have a good impact on their feelings. Having them talk to a counselor might be a great option for them to have someone to trust and listen to them.

Divorce can be an easy or bumpy ride. Discussing with an experienced family lawyer will make the process as easy as possible for you and your family. If you are thinking about getting a divorce, our firm is happy to help.