Overnight our lives were changed due to The COVID-19 Pandemic. It has changed our relationship with  our family members, our daily routines, our job and our lifestyle. 

Financial and Emotional Stress leading to Divorce 

As the corona virus continues to rapidly spread, it has destabilized many households. Challenges like  closures of schools and child care have made it difficult for parents to figure out how to keep their  children safe while continuing to work remote or find child care so they can go to work and make ends  meet. This current situation has also posed significant challenges to parents with existing custody  orders. Courts are open virtually for most hearings and parents are attempting to renegotiate the terms of the existing custody orders. Roles have been radically changed in a time that we are all feeling incredibly  stretched creating emotional stress on families.  

A result of stress causes marriages to possibly fracture and may result in a divorce. The corona virus crisis has caused many families to experience job loss from massive layoffs caused by the shutdown of  the economy. Financial stress is a huge factor and one of the biggest stressors that lead to divorce.  

Stay at Home Order and the Effects on Custody Arrangements 

The stay at home orders issued has stirred a lot of confusion among divorced parents who share custody  of their children. Stay at home orders have required people to remain home unless they need to go out  for essentials such as groceries, medications or health care appointments. People are unable to go to  work unless they are in certain essential jobs. These steps have been critical in attempt to limit exposure  to illness.  

The stay at home order does not change the existing parent-child custody orders that may be in place.  Just the fear of a pandemic is not enough to warrant keeping a child from seeing the other parent. The  safety, well-being and health associated with the COVID-19 pandemic are causing parents to be even  more focused on providing safety and security for their children. Parents should attempt to work  together to come to a modified agreement for the safety of the child considering the current  environment.  

Temporarily agreeing to a video conference that allows the parents to interact with the child without  the risk of contagion are routes that most parents are relying on. While the health and safety of the  child is important, so is maintaining relationships between the child and parents. It serves both parties  best to co-parent and work out a temporary custody agreement which can be turned into a temporary  court order.  

Parents should seek counsel from an experienced attorney when faced with challenges adhering to the establish plans in light of COVID-19 complications. Contact our office today so we can discuss how we  can help your divorce process and custody of your children.